Our process

Our process

1. Briefing

  • Gain a comprehensive and in depth understanding of the assignment: Company strategy, organisation, culture, strengths and weaknesses, key figures, and the ideal candidate’s profile including KPI’s and KRA’s, hierarchical relationships, qualifications, etc….
  • Based on this exchange, prepare a comprehensive brief which, after validation, will be communicated to all sources and prospective candidates
  • Draw up a search description best representing our client interests and enhancing the motivation of targeted candidates.

2. Search Strategy, Identification and Direct approach

Search strategy

Openly discuss the various parameters of the position and profile (Human and Management skills, cultural adequacy, …) and carefully review the appropriateness for the candidate to make a specific career move

Select a short list and submit a confidential written report qualifying each interested candidate (Experience, motivation, management style, interest for the challenge, compensation, …).


3. Candidates’ interview and Selection

  • Establish, based upon the critical business parameters and requirements sought, a target list including: sectors, company profiles and key performers, … which will serve as the corner stone of our market inquiries and determine the direction taken by our research
  • Combine and complement this approach by our own professional network, our unique DB and active referencing
  • Approach the most adequate profiles addressing first remarks and concerns of prospective candidates

4. Client presentation

Client presentation
  • Organise the interview process between our client and each candidate.
  • When requested by the client, actively participate in the first interviews to:

- best advise our client on his final decision

- endow the candidate with the appropriate feed-back

- fine tune our knowledge of the client 

  • Thorough reference checking of the lead candidate will be undertaken before any formal offer will be transmitted
  • Support the client all the way through the negotiation process and take all measures to ensure the offer will be accepted, once a final decision has been made


5. Follow-up

Maintain regular contact with our client and the chosen candidate during the first year of appointment in order to ensure successful integration.