Our experience

Our experience in supply chain and HR

Supply Chain Concepts

Built continuously extensive experience across key sectors of the Supply Chain allowing us to be familiar with concepts like: After Sales, Contract Management, Customer Service, Demand Planning, Distribution, Forecasting, Forwarding, Inventory Management, Logistics, Order Entry, Open Innovation, Operations Management, Materials Management, Production Planning, Procurement, Production, Purchasing, Transport, Warehouse.

This technical expertise allows us to clearly understand these concepts and put them into perspective in all our contacts with the stakeholders of the search.

Assignment Specs

Offer a solid Supply Chain background to best understand and add value to client’s status and profile specifications.


Be at the heart of our network knowing candidates’ capabilities and permanently updated on their career expectations.

Follow and constantly improve our best in class network.

Human Factor

Human factor is of paramount importance within the Supply Chain. Interpersonal skills are as critical as the necessary technical knowledge since the Supply Chain is very complex and largely decentralised.

For Supply Chain executives, “Knowing how to communicate” generally bears more importance than “Knowing what to communicate”.