Head hunters are more Poachers than Hunters!

There is substantial difference between a hunter and a poacher.

Based on the definition, Head hunters are poachers for they are rarely invited to hunt their candidates in companies!

Next time you meet your favourite head hunter, remember to ask him how he situates himself!

The head hunters were born in the Anglo-Saxon world. They clearly belong to those professions wrapped in a blurred halo imposing respect and carefully avoiding unnecessary media exposure. Most of the time, they act in complete confidentiality, maintaining a secrecy on their activities.


However are the head hunters real huntsmen?


If you consider the definition of a hunter, the dictionary tells us, it is a person who goes hunting on his own property or who is invited on someone’s game-tracking’s area.

The same dictionary tells us that a “Poacher” is a person who illegally hunts game. He poaches on someone else's property without having been invited and systematically avoids the contact with the gamekeeper.


Well then the head hunter is rather a poacher!

I frankly doubt a CEO (the landlord of our example) would be keen to invite a professional chasing his best elements. So the head hunter, like the poacher, is neither invited nor welcome when he contacts candidates in a company!

In addition, like the poacher, he is not willing to wait the shooting season to start the chase!


So next time you meet a Head hunter don’t forget to ask him if he doesn’t feel a little bit like a poacher.

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